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Product Name: JAYTEC PARTNER 5W-30
Grade: API SN
CF Performance
SAE: 5W-30

Containers Packing Product Code
1L steel 1Lx20/case 279531
4L steel 4Lx6/case 279534
200L steel drum 279530

Drain Intervals: 8,000 km for cars with mileage under 100,000 km
5,000 km for cars with mileage over 100,000 km

Recommended for:
☆fuel efficient NA engines
☆high rpm sport type NA engines
☆turbo-charged engines

Brief Overview:
Having a 5W-30 available in the JAYTEC Pro Runner lineup provides a high performance motor oil of this popular conventional viscosity with a fully-synthetic base, for today's longer service intervals and maximum engine performance. Pro Runner 5W-30 focuses on performance and utility characteristics and is recommended to the drivers seeking to achieve maximum performance with the conventional viscosity.

Pro Runner 5W-30 provides the following benefits:
  • The synergy of premium fully-synthetic base oil creates a sturdier oil film which brings out higher level of performance and fuel efficiency, better anti-wear protection and extends the service period.
  • Wide range of viscosity and advanced protection formula makes it suitable for all year round use, ensuring smooth engine start at low temperatures, and delivering stable performance even in severe driving environments such as off-road driving.
  • Upgraded to the latest SN/GF-5 grade, Pro Runner SN 5W-30 delivers greater fuel economy, greater emission system and turbocharger protection, and compatibility with ethanol-containing fuel up to E85.
  • Pro Runner SN 5W-30 contains a premium package of additives, which considerably increases its cleaning characteristics and provides better protection from oxidation and better anti-wear effect than conventional oils. Superior cleaning characteristics that Pro Runner engine oils offer become an advantage in the countries using gasoline with a high content of impurities.

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The idea behind Partner 5W-30 was to offer drivers a reliable made-in-Japan 5W-30 in an easy-on-the-pocket partially-synthetic blend, to provide reinforced anti-wear protection and extra cleaning power to hard-working engines, while reducing oil maintenance expenses and supporting drivers’ budget.

Typical Chemical & Physical Properties
Appearance Amber Gold
Base Oil Content (max), % 75
Additive Content (min), % 25
Density (15°C), g/cm3 0.85
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s (ASTM D445) 61.00
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, mm2/s (ASTM D445) 11.03
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 174
Cold Crank Simulator (ASTM D5293), cP 4400
Mini-Rotary Viscometer (ASTM D4684), cP 12600
Pour Point °C (ASTM D92) -45
Flash Point °C (ASTM D92) 220
NOACK Volatility (ASTM D5800), mass % loss 13.4
High Shear Rate Viscosity (ASTM D4683), cP@ 150°C 3.10
TAN, mgKOH/g 1.90
TBN (HCl), mgKOH/g 7.70
Color (ASTM) L2.5
Note: The specifications may be changed without notice

Pro Runner 5W-30 is an excellent choice for the drivers who:
Operate a 5W-30-recommended vehicle in severe driving environments requiring high-endurance, increased anti-wear protection and extra start-ability at low temperatures.
Own a 5W-30 recommended vehicle and are looking for a high quality made-in-Japan alternative to the OEM oils at a reasonable price.

Pro Runner 5W-30 meets or exceeds the following OEM requirements:
Toyota Castle Motor Oil SN 5W-30 (p/n 08880-10706; 08880-10705; 08880-10703, 08880-10700)
Castle Motor Oil SN/CF 5W-30 (p/n V9210-3331; V9210-3334)
TOM’s New Sports SN 5W-30 (p/n 00410-TNS01-04)
Nissan SN Strong Save X 5W-30 (p/n KLAN3-05301; KLAN3-05304; KLAN3-05302)
Nissan SM Strong Save X E Special 5W-30 (p/n KLAM2-05304; KLAM2-05302)
Honda Ultra LTD SN 5W-30 (p/n 08218-99974; 08218-99977; 08218-99976)
HAMP Engine Oil SN 5W-30 (p/n H0827-99957)
Mitsubishi Diaqueen Motor Oil SM 5W-30 (p/n 3601610; 3601401)
Mitsubishi Lubrolene SM-X 5W-30 (MZ102565, MZ102564)
Mazda Golden Eco SM 5W-30 (p/n K004-W0-512J; K020-W0-512J)
Subaru SN 5W-30 (p/n K0215Y0273; K0225Y0273)
Suzuki Ecstar F SL 5W-30 (p/n 99000-21A40-036)
Suzuki Ecstar SL/CF 5W-30 (p/n 99000-21960-046)
Daihatsu AMMiX SM 5W-30 (p/n 08701-K9006, 08701-K9007)