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Product Name: JAYTEC PARTNER 10W-40
Grade: API SN
CF Performance
SAE: 10W-40

Containers Packing Product Code
1L steel 1Lx20/case 279141
4L steel 4Lx6/case 279144
200L steel drum 279140

Drain Intervals: 8,000 km for cars with mileage under 100,000 km
5,000 km for cars with mileage over 100,000 km

Recommended for:
☆turbo-charged engines
☆NA engines operated in hot temperature conditions (hot climate or high rpm operation)
☆high mileage engines

Brief Overview:
Partner 10W-40 is a heavy-duty oil designed to provide reinforced anti-wear protection and extra cleaning power to high-mileage turbo and high rpm NA engines. As the engine ages seals deteriorate, oil burn-off increases and sludge can build up, which can all result in a decrease in engine performance and ultimately reduce engine life. Partner 10W-40 is specifically engineered to improve performance of ageing engines and help prolong engine life.

Partner 10W-40 provides the following benefits:
  • Offers a high-endurance oil in the economical partially-synthetic blend, providing outstanding protection in high mileage and hard-working vehicles while helping reduce oil maintenance expenses and support drivers’ budget.
  • Delivers superior thermal stability and a thicker oil film of a SAE 40 grade, providing enhanced high temperature protection in high rpm and turbo engines, operated in high temperature climates or severe driving environments.
  • Cleans the sludge and deposits that may be a particular issue in high mileage vehicles.
  • Contains extra anti-oxidant and a reinforced package of cleaning additives helping the engines run cleaner, especially in the driving environments where poor quality gasoline is used.
  • Contains special additives helping re-condition seals and prevent oil burn-off, which controls oil consumption in ageing motors.

Learn more about this product
The idea behind Partner 10W-40 was to offer drivers a reliable made-in-Japan alternative to the 10W-30 grade Japanese OEM oils (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, etc) with a wider viscosity setting (10W-40 vs standard OEM 10W-30) and in the easy-on-the-pocket partially-synthetic blend, to provide reinforced anti-wear protection and extra cleaning power to hard-working engines, while reducing oil maintenance expenses and supporting drivers’ budget.

Typical Chemical & Physical Properties
Appearance Amber Gold
Base Oil Content (max), % 75
Additive Content (min), % 25
Density (15°C), g/cm3 0.87
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s (ASTM D445) 91.27
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, mm2/s (ASTM D445) 13.76
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 154
Pour Point °C (ASTM D92) -37.5
Flash Point °C (ASTM D92) 230
TAN, mgKOH/g 1.85
TBN (HCl), mgKOH/g 8.35
Color (ASTM) L4.0
Note: The specifications may be changed without notice

Pro Runner 5W-30 is an excellent choice for the drivers who:
Own a high rpm or turbo-charged Japanese vehicle and are looking for a made-in-Japan oil with superior cost-performance and anti-wear protection characteristics.
Travel long distances in a 10W-30-recommended vehicle at high speed, and are looking for a high quality oil with a performance reserve and increased thermal stability, within a limited budget.
Operate a 10W-30 recommended vehicle in high temperature climates or extreme driving conditions (such as off-road driving) where extra heat-resistance characteristics and performance reserve are required, and a looking for an inexpensive tough oil with extended viscosity range, increased thermal stability and enhanced protection for high rpm operation.
Own a 10W-30-recommended vehicle that has gone the distance of 100,000 km, and are thinking about a “high-mileage” alternative with a thicker oil film and reinforced protection characteristics.
Own a 10W-30 recommended vehicle that has gone through multiple owners, severe service or bad maintenance where oil consumption and decrease in performance may be a major concern, and need an extra care for the vehicle that conventional oils often cannot provide.

Avoid using 10W-40 oils in:
× ultra fuel efficient engines where 0W-20/5W-20 oils are recommended by the OE Manufacturers.
× extremely cold driving environments (for winter use JAYTEC Pro Runner 0W-30/5W-40 or any 5W-30 grade JAYTEC oil).